Cricut’s Angel Policy: What You Need to Know!

If you plan to sell the projects you create with purchased digital assets from Cricut Design Space then you’ll need to make sure you’re in compliance with their angel policy. You don’t want to get sued before you even get your craft business off the ground!

What is an ‘Angel Policy’?

An Angel Policy is a form of limited license that specifies how an svg image, physical die cut, or die cut file can be used and any specific requirements of the manufacturer or artist. Typically, this outlines under what circumstances, if any, a die-cutter (you) can make and sell items created using those dies or cut files. It will often designate where you are allowed or restricted from selling the completed products.

Main Points of Cricut Design Space’s Angel Policy:

  • You can not use any of the following copyrighted material in the products you sell, not even for 1 item: 
    Cricut, Cuttlebug, Walt Disney, Sesame Workshop, Hello Kitty, Warner Bros., Martha Stewart, Kirstie Allsopp, Entertainment One UK Limited, Nickelodeon, and Boys Scouts of America characters and images MAY NOT be reproduced and sold. Cricut negotiates very strict licensing agreements with these copyrighted mega-brands, those licenses only permit you to create items for personal use. Even if you’ve purchased the cartridge or digital file bundle, you do not ‘own’ the copyright to those images.
  • Authorizes you to sell up to 10,000 completed projects annually (i.e., cards, tags, boxes, scrapbook pages, finished cakes), using cuts made with Provo Craft products. Everything else in the Design Space library that is not copyrighted material, can be made to be sold up to a grand total of 10,000 pieces a year. That’s a lot! 
  • Does not authorize you to produce and sell individual, unassembled cuts using Provo Craft products (i.e., mass producing individually-cut letters or shapes to re-sell) nor to produce and sell items that incorporate licensed content. – You can’t sell kits that contain the pieces to complete a project if it uses images from Design Space, and you can’t sell cut pieces that have not been altered any further beyond cutting them out of a material. 
  • Does not authorize you to produce stickers from Cricut images. Sheets of stickers are considered individual cuts. Stickers fall under the classification of the design not being altered any further beyond printing and cutting them out.
  • The Angel Policy currently does not have any restrictions on where you can sell your finished products. You can sell on your own website, Etsy, Ebay, Craft Fairs, other online markets, and more.
  • All images that are part of the Cricut Design Space and have a green ‘a’ are included in a Cricut Access Subscription and are covered by the Angel Policy.   
  • Third Party design files require the permission of the artist to use for commercial purposes. If there’s no green ‘a’ next to the design, then it’s a third party design, that is copyrighted to the artist. You’ll have to get their permission to sell it. Sometimes just googling their name or business name will bring up their website and they might offer a commercial license you can purchase. Worth a look.

I urge you to take the time at least once to read Cricut’s Angel Policy in full: <Cricut Angel Policy in Full> Yes it will be a boring and challenging read with all the legal-mumbo-jumbo, but you’ll have it to refer to if you ever need it.

Stay Safe, Look for the ‘a’ on Images to Use in Products You’ll Sell